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Train Smarter. NOT Harder.

HealthHouse was started because we couldn’t watch another person hurt themselves attempting unsafe boot camps or running endlessly to fit into skinny jeans. We had enough heartbreak over seeing women check and compare their fitness apps every five seconds to figure out why their body composition isn’t changing. We’d absolutely had it with hoping “what worked” for someone else works for us. That’s why the core of our Health House is our ARX machine—a high-impact , completely individualized workout that produces results in 10 minutes. This amazing workout combined with our total-body holistic infrared sauna and wellness services promote actual, effective changes.


We get it. You’re busy and while you have the best intentions to hit the gym, by the time the kids are in bed or you’ve sent that last email for the night… You’re beat! Workout aside, you don’t even have the time to research what strength routine or cardio class would even help. We’ve been there. We’ve felt lost. Tired. And sick of feeling lost and tired all the time. We tried running, lifting, and every class under the sun. After hours of time logged on machines…We lost more than our morale… We lost trust.

  Bye to:

  • Long, soul-crushing cardio sessions
  • Countless apps or manually logging workouts
  • Paying for personal training + your gym fee
  • Hit or miss class-style workouts
  • Waiting in line for machines
  • Minimal (if any) results
  • Torn or pulled muscles and injuries

  Hello to:

  • A 10-minute total-body workout once a week
  • Progress measured and tracked real-time
  • Individualized, 1-1 support and encouragement every session
  • The most intense and effective workout of your life
  • Increased bone density, fat loss, and muscle gain
  • Zero risk of injury—it’s the safest exercise out there

It seems too good to be true—we know. That’s why we want you to come check it out for yourself and ENJOY YOUR FIRST SESSION ON US.

We know you’ll see results and love the encouraging and empowering community of women at MyBlu.Wing!


With choices from yoga to hip hop dance, to classes for kids, there is something for every person and every fitness need.

blu.wing Fitness Boutique fulfills a need for more flexible and convenient programming in group fitness. Experience Fitness on Demand! Fitness On Demand™ provides an easy group fitness or individual workout solution that gives members instant access to MORE of the classes you want.

So in addition to our live classes, you are now able to take a class anytime you want. With over 150 classes in our database, you will always find something.


Is your energy lagging or you just feel like you’re in a funk? Our infrared saunas will help you detox, relax, recover, and restore your depleted reserves.

Sweating is your body’s way to release toxins and stay healthy. Our invigorating infrared saunas provide therapeutic heat to help you deeply relax and actually leave feeling fresher and more alive.

And there’s no other form of relaxation we know of that also burns up to 600 calories! The soothing heat of our saunas prompt your bod to not only relax, but also heat up, and this process increases your metabolic rate and torches calories.

That’s not all either—infrared saunas are credited with anti-aging, pain, circulatory, and cellular benefits too! Give yourself some much needed relief, purify your skin, recover those muscles, and increase your immunity

Ready to Rock?

Time is Now!


Progress happens outside your comfort zone. Spread your wings with blu.wing Fitness Boutique and fly with our inspired service, purposeful exercise, and technology advances.


M-Th 6 am - 7 pm
Friday 6 am - 5 pm
Saturday 8 am - 5 pm
Sunday closed


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